This site contains some instrumental pieces that are basically tracks I’ve written with vocals removed.  In other words, they aren’t generally meant to be instrumentals but are for the purpose of demonstrating my sound and style.  In these songs, I play all the guitar parts, drums (or sequencing), and bass (except one). 

Most of these are based on songs I’ve written as part of my solo project Abandon At My Place (   A few are based on unpublished riffs and songs I haven’t put on my site.  So you want to hear finished works, just jump over to the AMP site.

By Abandon At My Place

Why Bother?

I’m putting this page together so prospective bands can hear what I’m capable of without my vocals messing this up!  I also threw some gear photos...I have some good, ready to gig, equipment.

If you want to use one of these songs in a YouTube video or some home stuff...go ahead.  Just give me prominent credit and a link back to my site.  Also, NO COMMERCIAL stuff unless you’re cutting me in...OK.

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