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AMP is an effort of a single individual who plays guitar, drums, and reluctantly vocals (with the occasional collaboration). I also enjoy making films for the occasional event or band gig.

I'm not claiming to be a super star or cinematic genius and recognize many of my own limitations but I enjoy writing music that allows me to express my thoughts, concerns, and desires.

I started this effort around 2006 as I was learning more guitar to augment my drumming and have steadily improved and grown over the years.

Style is heavy distorted, driving crunching rhythms. If anything, I would categorize it as Punk, Heavy Alternative, or good ole’ rock and roll. I find it hard to put myself into a particular category...not because I think I have an original style (wow, don't hear bands say that!) but because I want to always have an option of trying a new genre if I want.


I record in my home studio using Sonar and Logic Pro as a DAW. I have a decent 10 channel firewire recording rig and pro-instruments (drums, bass, guitar) and amplifiers (I love my Egnater). My recording and mixing capabilities have grown over the years and I have continually improved my song writing and use of effects and spacial design in recording.

However, having a real job limits the amount of tweaking I can do and, unlike full-time signed musicians, I rather get some of the ideas out instead of waiting for "the album" to be produced. Hopefully, the songs are still inspiring, confrontational, thought provoking and enjoyable to everyone!

For videos, I have far poorer equipment today.  A couple of simple HD hand cameras and iMovie.  You can squeeze a lot of juice out of iMovie...surprisingly!

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Filmmaker, Musician, song writer

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